1. Social Skills:
    Develop self-discipline
    Respect authority
    Learn to share
    Care for personal needs
    Interact successfully with other children
  2. Recognition of:
    Shapes and Colors
    Letters and Numbers
    Know Left from Right
    Know Address
    Know Phone Numbers
  3. Skills:
    Cutting and Tying
    Listening and Pasting
    Counting and Painting
    Buttoning and Classifying
    Measuring and Zipping
    Observing and Coloring
  1. Structures Movement Skills:
    Catching and Jumping
    Climbing and Hopping
    Balancing and Skipping
    Ball Handling
    Running and Throwing
  2. Kindergarten Academic Skills:
    Recognition of letters and their sounds
    Recognition of vowels and their sounds
    Recognition of blends and their sounds
    Print name
    Recognize and write numbers 1 – 20
    Understand sequencing and patterning skills
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